• Startups
  • Angel Investing in Ireland

    Having spent almost three years working in the startup scene in New York connecting international startups to investors, I wanted to learn more about the investment environment in Ireland. Yesterday, I attended the annual HBAN (Halo Business Angel Network) conference at the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham. The impressive panel of diverse speakers drew a large […]

  • Asia
  • Driving Innovation to Mongolia

    Almost a year ago, the ‘Mongol Rally’ appeared in my twitter feed and as soon as I watched one of the highlights video like this one –  it found itself on my bucket list and soon decided I would taking on this crazy journey in 2017. The Mongol Rally is a 10,000+ mile trip across […]

  • Asia
  • Rapid Prototyping in Asia

    One of the key insights we gained while on WIT Asia was how quick you can get a product to market. The rise of new manufacturing in the region means there are a number of new prototyping services both private and state run that local and international startups can avail of. In Taiwan, Wistron and […]

  • Asia
  • Virtual Reality: The New Norm in Asia

    Want to know what tech we will be using in 2 years time? Chances are it’s already in Shenzhen’s electronics market. We constantly hear of the new innovations coming out of Asia, but to truly understand what’s going on, you have to witness it. The proliferation of VR technology was unmistakable. Everyone from maker studios to […]

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  • Accelerating Growth in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is a short two hour flight from Taipei and is a city that has many advantages for international companies who wish to do business there. It truly feels like a crucible where Chinese and western culture meet. You have the international brands, the Starbucks, but also the delights of Chinese culture such as […]