Rapid Prototyping in Asia

One of the key insights we gained while on WIT Asia was how quick you can get a product to market. The rise of new manufacturing in the region means there are a number of new prototyping services both private and state run that local and international startups can avail of.

In Taiwan, Wistron and Nexcom, are two huge corporations for whom working with startups is a key part of their strategy. Wistron alone has 60,000+ employees. Yet despite their size in comparison to a startup who wants to build a prototype, they have the capabilities & teams to engage with such entities. A few hundred units in the minimum order size they consider which is a drop in the ocean compared to the much larger customers they have. For Wistron & Nexcom, they see the potential of the next generation, essential to keep up with innovation and build relationship with future clients. The state is doing everything it can to support this sector also. TRIPLE is a prototyping service which helps startups from all over the world produce a prototype and build scale in Taiwan. If you would like to find out more about any of these programs, we would be happy to connect you.

Ingdan is one of the stops we made on our tour of Cyberport in Hong Kong. If you have an idea for a connected device or IoT product, they will help you along the whole journey from conceptualization, building a prototype and getting it manufactured in Shenzhen. To date, they have facilitated 10,000 projects having built a network of over 8,000 suppliers. By using Ingdan, startups can also benefit from extensive distribution through their experience centres in Hong Kong, Beijing and San Francisco, earning commission on the units they sell in store.